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We are a passionate team of friendly people working collaboratively to make innovative buildings with purpose and longevity. Incorporated in 2012, Facet Design Studio has built a reputation of design excellence through a broad range of projects. In 2016, we joined forces with our friends at Architecture Incorporated in order to meet the growing needs of our clients. The union of the two companies' profits from an extensive history of successful project delivery and forward-thinking design solutions.

The OUF was a huge success. All of our guiding principles came to fruition –the booth worked beautifully and caught the attention of many and was the envy of the other Universities.

- Tina Roberts

University of Waterloo, Director of Marketing & Recruitment


The process of making something wonderful starts with you! 

Facet Design Studio

The early stages of our design process involve a collaborative assembly of ideas focused on establishing your goals, needs and wants. With a variety of perspectives and clear objectives, we lay the foundation for a project that is unique to you.



At the heart of all our projects is a fundamental belief that an open dialogue with our clients and a clear understanding of site conditions result in a design that performs well for its users and the environment. Through an iterative design process, we take pride in developing designs that are efficiently composed (saving costs on construction) and that possess unique aesthetic qualities that enrich the day-to-day lives of those who occupy the places that we build.


Facet Design Studio

Our team of professionals has a history of successful project delivery dating back to the 80’s. As construction techniques and project parameters continue to evolve in the Information Age; we believe that it is more critical than ever to have a thoughtful, well-considered approach to building systems that are flexible, straightforward and high performance. We embrace an open studio culture where collaboration and professional development are encouraged.


Facet Design Studio

We care about how buildings impact the environment. Facet Design Studio has the experience in generating sustainable architectural strategies for any scale of building development. We utilize the potential already available in nature and the given site. We do this through the implementation of various natural building design systems such as passive heating and cooling, maximizing of daylight, and incorporating natural materials and finishes that work to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. By limiting the use of energy and thoughtful positioning, orientation and shaping of the building on the site or property, it is possible to achieve a very efficient building without making a large investment in engineered systems.


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